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YouTrack Importer Is command line application to import settings and Projects from JIRA to YouTrack

At the present the application can import the following from JIRA and create the represented items in YouTrack:

  • JIRA Priorities which are added to YouTrack if they are not the already there
  • JIRA Issue Types and creates and appropriate YouTrack Issue Link Type if it does not exist
  • JIRA State Types and adds these to YouTrack if they are not the same as those already defined
  • JIRA Project which imports the project information and the issues in that project.

Please note that currently Time Tracking is not imported. This has been tested against YouTrack 4.2


The following is a guide to the command line parameters that the application takes:

  • The instruction either import-project, import-priorities, import-issue-types or import-state-types
    • Suggested order of import to avoid errors: import-priorities, import-issue-types or import-state-types then import-project
  • The URL of the jira host e.g http://localhost:8080
  • The user to login in to jira with (must have admin rights)
  • The jira users password
  • The url for youtrack e.g. http://localhost:8081
  • YouTrack user to login in with must have admin rights
  • YouTrack users password
  • The projectID in JIRA used when importing a project
  • The number of items in the project to be imported

For example to import the issue priorities from JIRA to YouTrack use the following command:

java - jar YouTrack-Importer-0.2.jar import-priorities http://localhost:8080 admin admin http://localhost:8081 root root

You can download version 0.2 from here. If you have any questions or suggestions then please feel free to e-mail us at