Tailor open-source software to your exact requirements

There’s so much open-source software now available on both a free and paid-for basis, you’d struggle not to find something already developed for most day to day needs. That said, there’s often room for a bit of tailoring, to make tweaks and additions to make it suit your website and customers more effectively, to enhance the user experience.

At Copper Arrow we can customise your website plug-in or module for you, configuring it to fit your requirements. If you have chosen a module to add functionality to your website whether it’s a directory listing or a payment process, we can customise the plug-in for you. We can adjust the CSS, HTML so it integrates into your website nicely and, as importantly, seamlessly, as though it’s always been there, and with some products we may even be able to add extra functionality to make it work perfectly for your needs.

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